Pancreatitis is a common disease especially seen in overweight dogs and cats. It can be triggered by eating a high fat meal. Miniature Schnausers, who often have a cholesterol problems, are especially prone.

The pancreas is an organ that helps with the digestion of food. With pancreatitis it  becomes inflammed and starts to digest itself, this is very painful. If this continues for too long it affects the intestines and liver and can even damage the pancreas so that it cannot make insulin. This would result in diabetis.

Signs of pancreatitis include:



-painful abdomen


Your pet can have one, or all of these symptoms. It can be diagnosed by means of a blood test and ultrasound scan of the abdomen, both done in house.

Treatment often involves hospitalisation with fluid support, pain and nausea medication, and force feeding depending on the case. In the long term the patient would need to eat a low fat diet. Hills and Royal Canine dog food companies have pelleted diets formulated especially for pets with this condition. If you would like to read more follow this link:

Try and keep your pet at an ideal weight where the ribs are easily felt. If you want to give your pet a treat then make sure that it is a low fat treat. If you own a miniature schnauzer screen him or her for cholesterol levels.  

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